Threat Modeling Hackathon Spring 2024 Guide

  • 28 March 2024
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Threat Modeling Hackathon Spring 2024 Guide
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We're pumped to see you at Threat Modeling Hackathon Spring 2024! 👾

Here's a guide of everything you need to know about this hackathon — if we missed anything, shoot us an email at, and we'll help you out asap. The schedule and all critical links can also be found on


⏰ Schedule

Monday, April 1        Hackathon starts
Tuesday, April 2       Global Kick-off: Opening ceremony and workshop
Sunday, April 21       Submission deadline
Thursday, May 2      Closing ceremony 


💬 Slack

Make sure you join the Threat Modeling Hackathon Slack! You should have received an invite. If not, please reach out to your team captain. This is super important, as it'll be how we communicate with you during the event. This is also how you’ll stay connected with your mentors outside of your 1:1 meeting.


📣 Prompt and rules

The theme this year is AI Threat Modeling. You’ll be building a thorough threat model for an AI-assisted coding tool to improve the security posture of the software. Read the full prompt, rules, and judging criteria:


🔌 Resources

  • Example threat models (Top submissions from Hackathon 2023)
  • Resource package (training, readings, templates)
  • Live training at the Hackathon Kick-Off on April 2:
    • Threat Modeling in the Age of AI by Adam Shostack (recording)
    • Threat Modeling Kata Workshop by Luis Servin (recording)

🌟 Mentoring

Your team will be paired with a mentor throughout the event. You'll also have a scheduled meeting with your mentor between April 1-8. This meeting is your prime opportunity to connect directly, so we highly encourage everyone on your team to attend if possible and share notes afterward. Your mentor will also be available on Slack in your team channel. Don’t forget that while mentors are eager to assist you, please keep in mind that they have other commitments too. So please collaborate with your mentor, respect their time, and understand each other's expectations regarding response times upfront.


🏆 Judging

In order to be judged, you'll need to submit your deliverable by April 21, 2024, at 11:59 PM PT, following the steps outlined in the prompt,

📷 Share and win

Share the fun you had at the hackathon on social for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Use the tag #ThreatModelingHackathon and tag us @ThreatModelingConnect on LinkedIn or @TMConnectHQ on Twitter. Three lucky winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.



Post them in our Hackathon Slack:
#ask-organizers: for logistical questions about the event
#prompt-questions: for queries regarding the prompt


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