Threat Modeling Kata Workshop

  • 3 April 2024
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Threat Modeling Kata Workshop
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Starting threat modeling isn't just about applying STRIDE and calling it a day. Many hit a roadblock when faced with a blank page. In this workshop, we'll explore how the concept of kata, derived from martial arts, can be applied to the realm of threat modeling. Just as martial artists perfect a series of movements through repetitive practice, we'll create safe playgrounds for participants to engage in hands-on threat modeling exercises. By doing so, you'll not only gain invaluable experience but also enhance your ability to navigate complex cybersecurity challenges with confidence.


*Architecture Diagrams: what do you need to start threat modeling
*Approaches to threat modeling: Attack library-based (e.g. stride), security principles informed to look for vulnerabilities
*Katas as safe spaces to practice threat modeling.
*Exercises:Kata practice (threat model an LLM system)


Workshop handout

Miro board
đź”’Password: hackathon


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