Threat Modeling Connect FAQs

  • 13 September 2022
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About this community

  • What is Threat Modeling Connect?
    We’re a community of like-minded people interested in threat modeling and on a mission to make threat modeling a de facto practice in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). As a community, we come together to learn, share, and help each other grow through forums, events, expert content, and free-to-use threat modeling resources.

  • Who is hosting Threat Modeling Connect?
    Threat Modeling Connect is a community hosted by IriusRisk, a Spain-based SaaS company specializing in threat modeling automation tools. However, Threat Modeling Connect returns to IriusRisk’s open-source roots and is committed to connecting and supporting all threat modeling practitioners, regardless of the tools or methodologies they choose.

Posting in the community

  • Who can post in Threat Modeling Connect?

    Every registered community member can post in the forums. Only community admins and founding members can post articlesEvents are managed by community admins.

  • How to create a forum post?

    You can create a new forum post by clicking the Create a Post button next to your avatar, and from there, you’ll:

    • Choose what type of post you’re going to create. Decide if it’s a conversation or question
    • Create a brief yet descriptive title. Help your peers understand what your post is about in seconds.
    • Add the body of the post in the description. Make your post easy to read using the formatting options to organize your content. 
    • Choose the relevant category to post your question or conversation. Not sure which one to choose? Go for “Ask the community.”
    • Add relevant tags to the post. Effective tagging will help other members find your posts more easily.
  • How to edit or delete my post?

    You can’t delete your posts or edit their title. If you need to remove your post or change the title, DM @Shuning and she’ll be happy to assist!

    That said, you can edit the body of your post by:

    • Going to the post which you’d like to update 
    • Hovering over the three dots on the right bottom corner of your post
    • Click Edit
  • Question vs Conversation. Which one should I choose?
    When creating a forum post, you’ll be prompted to select the type of post: 
    • Question: When you need a solution for your question or problem
    • Conversation: When you want to share something or involve the community in a discussion

Other community features 

  • How to get notified of new posts or new replies in a thread?

    Great question! You’ll be automatically notified when other members comment on your own.

    You can subscribe to any forum of your interest so you won’t miss out on any new posts in these forums:

    Want to follow a particular post? Easy peasy :) Just click the star icon at the bottom of the post that says Subscribe. Once clicked, it will turn blue confirming you’re now subscribed. To unsubscribe, click that same Subscribe button, which will turn grey, so you know you’re no longer subscribed.

  • How to edit my display name?

    You can’t edit your display name. If you need to make changes, please send @Shuning a DM 😀

  • How to send a direct message (DM) to another member?

    You can easily DM another member by either hovering over their avatar and clicking the envelope icon or opening their profiles and clicking the Send Message button beside their avatar.

    To view all your direct messages, you can click on your avatar and select Direct Messages in the menu.

Content guideline

  • I’m an IriusRisk customer, should I contact support for product questions/feature requests or post in the forums?

    Depending on the types of questions 🤓 

  • I’m an IriusRisk partner, can I promote my products or services in Threat Modeling Connect?
    We’re all about supporting the learning and growth of our members. Any self-promotion content that doesn’t fit in the context of the discussions will be subject to removal. Check out the Community Guidelines for more information. Any questions? DM @Shuning and let’s discuss.

  • Is it OK to discuss other vendors’ products and services in Threat Modeling Connect?
    In principle, we support other vendors mentioning their products/services in the community forums as long as it’s part of the discussion. Blatant spam, however, provides little value to the conversation and will be subject to removal. Check out the Community Guidelines for more information. Have a question? Send @Shuning a DM to discuss.

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