Save the Dates: ThreatModCon 2024 Lisbon and SF - Elevate Your Threat Modeling Journey!

  • 30 January 2024
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Save the Dates: ThreatModCon 2024 Lisbon and SF - Elevate Your Threat Modeling Journey!
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The Call for Presentations (CfP) for ThreatModCon Lisbon opens now through March 1, 2024Submit your proposal »

We're thrilled to share that in 2024, ThreatModCon is coming at you with a double dose of impact. Join us in Lisbon on June 29th, and later in San Francisco on September 28th. Following the success of our inaugural ThreatModCon in Washington DC last year, we're expanding to bring you two premier editions of the world's only Threat Modeling Conference. Mark your calendars for an insightful journey ahead!

Why Attend?

ThreatModCon 2024 Lisbon and SF are more than just conferences; they are hard-core threat modeling feasts where your interactions have the power to inspire, elevate, or even transform your path in cybersecurity. With two outstanding locations on June 29th and September 28th, respectively, you can choose the experience that suits you best.

What to Expect

  • Immersive Learning Experience: Delve into a diverse range of threat modeling topics with engaging talks by industry leaders at ThreatModCon 2024 Lisbon and SF. The dual tracks of talks at both events allow you to tailor your experience and explore the aspects of threat modeling most relevant to you. From practical insights to cutting-edge strategies, our carefully curated sessions will empower you with the latest knowledge in the field.
  • Hands-On Workshops: Elevate your expertise through our hands-on workshops, available at both events (at no additional cost). Gain practical skills, tips, and tricks that you can immediately apply to enhance your threat modeling capabilities. These interactive sessions will empower you and deepen your understanding of the latest tools and methodologies in the field.
  • Deep Networking: Connect with like-minded threat modeling and security enthusiasts at both ThreatModCon 2024 Lisbon and SF – both are kept intentionally small to pave ways for deeper and more enriching conversations. Join the pre-conference receptions that set the stage for meaningful interactions. Throughout the day, engaging networking activities are carefully crafted to prompt you to spark new conversations, share insights, and make lasting connections with fellow professionals in the field. This intimate setting provides ample opportunities to forge new friendships and strengthen existing relationships, enhancing your overall ThreatModCon experience.
  • Facilitated Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking roundtable discussions over lunch, where you can dive deeper into specific topics, exchange ideas, and gain insights from your peers. This intimate setting encourages open dialogue and provides a unique opportunity to explore the nuances of threat modeling in a collaborative manner.

Save the Dates: June 29th, 2024 (Lisbon) and September 28th, 2024 (SF)

Mark your calendars and join us for days that promise to reshape the way you perceive and approach threat modeling. This is your chance to be part of the world's only Threat Modeling Conference in either the vibrant Lisbon or the iconic San Francisco. Stay tuned for more updates as we unveil detailed agendas and speaker lineups for both events.

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Fantastic. Won’t make it to Lisbon, but I’ll certainly be in SF. See you all there!