Recap on ThreatModCon 2023: The First Threat Modeling Conference Ever!

  • 3 November 2023
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Recap on ThreatModCon 2023: The First Threat Modeling Conference Ever!
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Update: February 2024

About this time last year, Threat Modeling Connect was born. With a mission to bring threat modeling to everyone, we are a community that brings like-minded individuals to learn, share, and collaborate on their threat modeling journeys. It was hard to believe within less than a year, we launched ThreatModCon - the first and only Threat Modeling Conference in the industry.

It was an absolute blast seeing our community come together for a day of threat modeling feast. We wanted to give you a quick rundown of all the awesomeness that went down at this event!

With a completely sold-out event, we entered the conference with a packed house and over 130 threat modeling practitioners from all over the world. We had two tracks with 12 mind-blowing sessions covering everything from the purpose and scope of threat modeling to the technical nitty-gritty. It was a deep dive into the art and science of threat modeling. 

But it wasn't just about the sessions. ThreatModCon 2023 was all about building connections and fostering a community. Our Birds of a Feather discussions brought professionals together to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in threat modeling. The energy and passion in those conversations were off the charts.

And guess what? If you missed out on ThreatModCon 2023, don't worry! We've got you covered. With ThreatModCon’s on-demand service, you can now relive the key moments of our events:



The non-presentation keynote featuring the some luminaries of the threat modeling world (left to right: Matt Coles, Brook Schoenfield, John Taylor, Robert Hurlbut, Sebastien Deleersnyder, Tanya Janca)
A full house packed with threat modeling pros from all over the world
Engaging session and participants​​​​​
Adam Shostack joining us virtually - the Adam Shostack Award!
Co-authors of the Threat Modeling Manifesto gathering at ThreatModCon (left to right: Izar Tarandach, Kim Wuyts, Stephen De Vries)
Endless hallway conversations​​​​

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Thank you for all the hard work you, and the organizers, put into this! It was an amazing experience to participate in this, and I can’t wait to see it grow :)