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  • 31 March 2023
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Hello Hackers!

It’s been an incredible month…we hope you had as much fun hacking and threat modeling as we did organizing it!

As an inaugural hackathon, we’re thrilled to gather participants across 21 time zones and are impressed by the intensity and calibre of the submissions received.

Congratulations to the Champions and to every team that successfully completed this challenge  👏👏! We just released the exclusive Spring 2023 Hackathon Hacker Badges to all active members of the teams with a complete submission as a recognition of your achievement in completing this hackathon. Check out your member profile in the next few hours.

Wherever you are in your threat modeling journey, be it year 1 or year 21, we hope this hackathon has challenged and inspired you to refine/improve/upgrade the way you do threat modeling. 

What’s next? Below are a few things we suggest…but above everything else, #keepthreatmodeling!

  • Share your feedback - If you haven’t already, please take a moment (about 2 mins!) to share your feedback with us. Your thoughts are critically important to help us make the hackathon an even better experience.

  • Stay connected - As a community, we meet monthly to discuss, occasionally debate, share, and exchange threat modeling experience and best practices. Register for our upcoming meetup (a special edition where we’ll give away signed copies of @Adam Shostack’s latest book 🎁)!

P.S. We’re working on consolidating the judges’ feedback for your submissions and will send it your way over the next two weeks.

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