Spring 2023 Hackathon in Full Swing!

  • 2 March 2023
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Spring 2023 Hackathon in Full Swing!
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🎉 We just kicked off the Spring 2023 Hackathon this morning!

Insecure design is now listed as number 4 in the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks. In recognition of International Women’s Day, our inaugural hackathon is designed to promote data privacy early in the software development lifecycle. 

With 70+ community members joining us live from all over the world at the Global Kick-Off, we had a incredible morning together and enjoyed:

  • a delicious🍦 keynote speech by @Kim highlighting why the privacy posture of any software is more critical than ever and how “privacy by design” can be achieved through threat modeling 

  • a story from @purpleanchovy illustrating how a system’s intended functions can be misused and hurt people and how threat modeling could help address that

  • a hands-on workshop led by @Chris Romeo that took us from performing threat modeling to a house, to an alarm system, and finally to a database

  • great collaboration among the hackathon teams facilitated by mentors @AviD @Jeroen V @jt.infosec  @Brook Schoenfield in Chris' workshop

  • and... a professional DJ set by @aeftimie that connected all of us in a virtual room, taking away the barrier that the screens often become

📅 Schedule

  • March 1: Kick-Off: Keynote, Workshop: Security Threat Modeling

  • March 9: Workshop: Privacy Threat Modeling Framework

  • March 19: Submission Deadline

  • March 31: Winners Announced

🤩 Can’t wait to see what the teams will create over the next three weeks!


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