Spring 2023 Hackathon FAQs

  • 13 February 2023
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Spring 2023 Hackathon FAQs
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I have questions...

Answers to most of your questions should be covered here (hopefully!) But if we miss anything, please post them in this group. You can use this link https://www.threatmodelingconnect.com/topic/new?fid=44 to create a post.

I need help with the deliverable…

You may choose to post them in this group or use the checkpoints (see below for more details) to get feedback privately from the mentors.

About the deliverable

What’s the deliverable? 

See the deliverable requirements.


How to submit the deliverable?

All deliverables must be submitted by March 19, 2023 11:59pm following the steps below:

Step 1: Upload the file to your team’s Google Drive. Name your file in the following format: Threat Modeling Connect Spring 2023 Hackathon_ Your Team ID

Step 2: Send an email to hello@threatmodelingconnect.com titled: “Threat Modeling Connect 2023 Hackathon_Submission_Your Team ID” and include:

  1. A link to your file in the Google drive
  2. Names of the individuals, agreed upon by all participating members of your team, considered inactive in completing the hackathon


How will the deliverable be evaluated?

See the judging criteria.


How long does it take to complete the deliverable?

It varies, depending on the experience and skill levels of the participants. But in general you may expect spending 4-8 hours on the deliverable. 


What’s considered “evidence of collaboration,” as stated in the grading rubric?

You can share anything from screenshots of your brainstorming sessions (tools like Miro can be very helpful in facilitating virtual white boarding sessions), to meeting minutes, to your group photos on Zoom...be creative! The point is team collaboration is highly valued in this hackathon 🙌


About the checkpoints

What are the checkpoints?

The purpose of the checkpoints is to help you and your team stay on track throughout the hackathon and receive timely feedback from mentors for improving your work. 


When are the checkpoints?

There are two checkpoints:

  • Wednesday, March 8, 2023

  • Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Reminder: All work needs to be submitted by 11:59pm PST at each checkpoint for them to be reviewed by the mentors.


What should I submit at each checkpoint, and to where?

You can submit your work at any given stage it is in. It doesn’t have to be a “fully completed” deliverable. The purpose of checkpoints is to ensure you’re on the right track and get feedback as you progress. 

You will receive a link by email to a private Google folder for submission. The folder is only available to your team, the mentors, and the hackathon organizers. The link will also be posted to your team’s private group on Threat Modeling Connect.


Is submission mandatory for each checkpoint?

Absolutely not :) You don’t have to submit your work if you’re not inclined. That said, we highly encourage you to use the checkpoints as an additional resource for improving your deliverable and supporting your learning experience throughout the hackathon.


Will the submissions during checkpoints impact the final judging and evaluation?

No 🙂 The judges will have no visibility of what you submitted at the checkpoints. All the judging will be made on your final deliverable.


Who will I receive the feedback from and by when?

You’ll get feedback from our amazing mentor team, made up of experienced cybersecurity professionals specializes in threat modeling. See the list of mentors here. They will get back to you within 48 hours after your submission.

Reminder: All work needs to be submitted by 11:59pm PST at each checkpoint for them to be reviewed by the mentors.


About the access to mentors

How can I reach the mentors?

You can either post your questions for mentors in this group or leave them till the checkpoints where you can get private feedback from them.


About the training workshops

What if I miss the kick-off or any of the workshops? Where can I find the recordings?

The recordings of the kick-off and workshops will be posted to this group within 48 hours after the events.


About team communication

Where can I find my teammate, and how do I contact them?

You should receive a welcome email by the end of February with all your teammates on copy. Each of you will also be invited to a private, dedicated group in Threat Modeling Connect which you can use as a workspace for collaboration and team communication.


What if I can’t reach one or more of my teammates?

Please email @Shuning at hello@threatmodelinconnect.com if you can’t get a hold of your teammates by Friday, March 3, 2023.

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