Birds of a Feather sessions at ThreatModCon 2023

  • 6 July 2023
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Greetings ThreatModelingConnect Community,


ThreatModCon 2023 is fast approaching (!  As part of the conference, we're planning to host several Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions during lunch.  For those unfamiliar, BoF sessions are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals to discuss topics or common issues encountered without a pre-planned agenda.  We wanted to reach out to the community for feedback on what topics/issues you would be interested in discussing at ThreatModCon 2023.

2 replies



I have a couple of topics that I think may be helpful.

  1. Pitfalls - What have you learned during the threat model journey in your organization.
  2. Value - How do we demonstrate and provide measurable value to the business.
  3. Program enhancements - Once you have a program what do we need to think about to grow to the “next level” and what is that next level?

Just a few thoughts that come to mind.

John T

“Threat Modeling for Everyone” – How can security teams can make it easy for non-security teams to do threat modeling? What are the basic requirements and processes we can define for development teams to get started?