Wed, 1 Mar, 15:00 - Mon, 20 Mar, 7:00

Spring 2023 Hackathon

About this event


Recap of the Spring 2023 Hackathon

Top entries: Champion, finalist, finalist

Featured hackers: Luis ServínJoshua Holmes

Workshop recording: Security threat modeling, privacy threat modeling



Insecure design is now listed as number 4 in the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks. In recognition of International Women’s Day, we’re launching our first hackathon to promote data privacy early in the software development lifecycle. Through the design challenge, workshops, and mentorship in this hackathon, we want to equip developers with threat modeling knowledge and skills to proactively engage in designing secure technology.


Who’s this hackathon for

Software developers and security engineers interested in learning more about threat modeling or putting their skills to the test are welcome to join. Beginner is 100% welcome! You don’t need any prior experience in threat modeling and/or software security.


Why should you join

  • Learn threat modeling for the first time.
  • Collaborate with developers worldwide to create a threat model and engage in problem-solving.
  • Brush up on your threat modeling knowledge and up your skills through the hands-on workshops.
  • Receive guidance and mentorship from top threat modeling experts throughout the hackathon.


Event Details


  • Feb 19: Registration deadline

  • March 1: Kick-Off: Keynote, Workshop: Security Threat Modeling 101

  • March 9: Workshop: Privacy Threat Modeling Framework

  • March 19: Submission Deadline

  • March 31: Winners Announced


  • Keychron Q3 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard, a Threat Modeling Connect swag box, and a Hackathon Winner community badge will be awarded to eligible members of the winning team.

  • A limited edition community badge will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete the hackathon.

Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Register by February 19, 2023.
  2. Join the Hacakthon Kick-Off on March 1, 2023 when the prompt, submission requirements, and judging criteria will be announced.
  3. Work on the deliverable with your team with support from mentors and submit it by March 19, 2023!

Prompt & Submission Requirements

Will be announced at the Hackathon Kick-Off on March 1, 2023.

Legal Basis and Privacy Policy

Read the privacy policy and legal bases.

Event details
Wed, 1 Mar, 15:00 - Mon, 20 Mar, 7:00 (UTC)