Security Threat Modeling: STRIDE In Action (Slides + Recording Included)

  • 1 June 2023
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Security Threat Modeling: STRIDE In Action (Slides + Recording Included)
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About this workshop

Threat modeling – everyone from security teams to CISOs wants to ingrain it across the organization, but how can threat modeling be taught at scale? In this workshop, you’ll learn by doing threat modeling through real-world, hands-on exercises, reviewing data flow diagrams, identifying threats and mitigations, and sharing results. 


  • Learning about threat modeling

  • Applying knowledge of threat modeling 

    • Exercise 1: Attack Surface

    • Exercise 2: Breaking up a physical/logical system

    • Exercise 3: STRIDE in Action

  • Questions and Answers



Slide deck

In the attachment

About the workshop leader

Chris Romeo (@Chris Romeo) is the CEO of Kerr Ventures and is a leading voice and thinker in application security, threat modeling, and startups. Chris hosts the award-winning “Application Security Podcast” and is a highly-rated industry speaker and trainer. Chris has twenty-five years of security experience, including application security, security engineering, and incident response.


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