Tools for staying connected here (RSS/ATOM/Or?)

  • 23 October 2022
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Is there an RSS or ATOM feed that can help me see what’s going on?

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Hey @adamshostack !

Great question! There is an RSS feed for the community that can be found here:

Outside of that, if you don’t want to use an RSS client to keep up to date on the community, there’s (hopefully) an easier way: you can subscribe to categories by using the Subscribe button on the landing pages of each forum category that interest you. Here is where you can find all the forum categories.

Additionally, you can subscribe to individual post that interest you as well.

These subscriptions will all notify you via email upon new activity.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Adding email isn’t the way I like to work.

Glad there should be an RSS option, but Netnewswire can’t find a feed in

But when I look with firefox, there’s something rss like there. I’ll go bug the Newnewswire team, but documenting for others by posting.

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Is it possible to turn off authentication? Obviously we’d lose some features but I think an anonymous feed is reasonable.

From the Netnewswire team: “It redirects to — the feed requires authentication, and NetNewsWire doesn’t support authenticated feeds”

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Hi @adamshostack! The authentication will be turned off once the community officially goes live next month (on November 17th). Most of the content will then be available without login :)